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Mudcloth Lavender Sachets - White
Mudcloth Lavender Sachets - White

Mudcloth Lavender Sachets - White

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This customary tribal cloth of Mali is made using traditional methods. Strips of hand woven cotton are stitched together into a whole cloth, then hand painted using natural dyes, including fermented river mud and decomposed leaves and twigs. This cloth is repeatedly painted, rinsed and dried until the dyes have taken, which can take a number of weeks. All Mudcloth is sourced ethically, meaning the Artisans are paid fairly and set their price.

These sachets are filled with lavender heads from a plastic free company. Each is handmade by Mim, Wicker and Weft owner, using organic cotton thread and a natural linen to the back.

Each bundle contains three sachets to naturally scent your clothing and home without chemicals. Pop one under your pillow, in a drawer, or simply leave on display.

Tied using natural jute twine and presented in a box with a sprig of lavender, these sachets make excellent gifts.

Please note: each bundle is unique - the size and pattern of the sachets you receive may differ slightly from those in this picture due to their handmade nature. This image is for illustrative purposes only. The price shown is for one bundle of three sachets.


A bundle of three handmade sachets, each approximately 100mm x 70mm x 20mm. Due to their handmade nature, the size of the sachets will vary slightly.


Do not wash or get wet.

Squeeze and crunch the sachets gently to break up the lavender heads and refresh their scent.