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About Bolga Baskets

Bolga baskets are made using traditional weaving techniques in the northern region of Ghana. The veta vera, or elephant grass, grows abundantly here and is a sustainable material, picked from the tip, leaving the root to continue to grow.


The grass is harvested and dried before being boiled in batches to dye. The Weavers split the lengths of grass in two then twist and roll to create strength. The baskets are woven from the base upwards and take around three days to make. However, larger baskets or those with more intricate designs can take a week or more. The handle is attached last and wrapped by a skilled crafts person using hand tanned and dried goat leather.




As the conditions of the land are poor and the weather unpredictable, the female villagers of this subsistence farmer population are providing much needed supplementary income through their weaving. As a result, they are held in high regard by their villages.

I have built a relationship with a cooperative in Ghana that ensures these talented Artisans are paid a fair wage for their craft – not as a form of charity – but to reflect the skill and time involved in their work.