New stock in! Due to storage restrictions, I will be shaping to order. Please visit my Instagram page and Highlights for current unshaped stock. Or do send me an email to find out what I have available. Many thanks.

About Wicker and Weft

Hi! I'm Mim - Mum to two girls, working from home, teacher, Psychology background, about to embark on a huge house renovation project... this list doesn't really tell you much about Wicker and Weft though, but bear with me - it is relevant!

I started this small business because I was sitting at home, feeding my second daughter round the clock, gazing through sleep-deprived eyes at all the beautiful images of homes and products on social media, planning my upcoming house renovation. There were products I loved, but I wanted to be sure I knew where they were coming from, and that the people who had made them were being paid a fair wage.

Since having my children and spending increasing time in the house, home has become more important. I want it to be a safe place, a place that feels loving and reflects every member of our family. I want the things in it to be beautiful and practical. I love objects that tell a story and represent a skill - passed on from one generation to the next.

As a teacher, I have become disillusioned with our education system as it increasingly seems to value ideology over evidence, quantitative tick lists over creativity, knowledge over skill. I want to show my children that there is more in the world than subordinate clauses and times tables. There are things people make with their hands, that take days, weeks to craft. Crafts that require patience, perseverance and gradual modification. Our society can be so caught up in immediate gratification, ticking boxes and convenience. We use something because it's cheap and does the job quickly. Then we throw it away. We replace. We replace again. I'm certainly guilty of this.

I hope that through buying from Wicker and Weft, you know that you have an item that was crafted and handmade by a person - an Artisan - and that the person was paid a fair wage, not out of pity or charity, but because it reflects the time and skill that was used to make that product. The products often have rich and fascinating backstories of origin - you feel like you have a small piece of culture and history in that item. The products are designed to be kept and used over and over again - cherished, not discarded.

And that is our story!

I say 'our' because actually, while I'm a one gal band, I have tremendous support from my husband, my two girls, and my friends, not to mention all the  small business owners who have inspired me since I started this venture.

So thank you for taking the time to read this - grab a cuppa and enjoy a browse.